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01 July 2009 @ 01:10 am
The following are examples of what you can expect to find on the official website over (hopefully) the next couple of weeks/months, as popularity grows and money allows.

What you can expect:
A mission-based collective of volunteer Owen Wilson fans that will be given (optional) missions (usually requiring photographic evidence) to earn points that can be spent on merchandise in the *soon to be created* virtual store.

What you can expect:
A collection of t-shirts, jelly bracelets, bags, buttons and other various types of merchandise available for purchase that will support OWENATION.COM as well as Owen Wilson himself (which is what this is all about!)
These items will trickle in as funds allow, it's an expensive process but I estimate that I will at LEAST have the t-shirts available in as little as 2 weeks.

I'll probably tweek the design a bit more before releasing it, this is just a rough draft. Like it? Dislike it? Have an idea for it?

I also plan on having business cards created that I will distribute in packs of 25 for free.

What you can expect:
As membership and popularity grows, I will attempt to organize get-togethers with members who have two or more people in a group that would like to do a project together. These can be events such as HIKING TRIPS, BICYCLE RIDES, CAR WASHES, WALKS and those are just a few ideas. I'm thinking that anyone who signs up to do a project and wants to lead a group, they can send in/donate $10 (per person) and I'll ship out a package including (but not set in stone yet) 1 t-shirt per person, a set of jelly bracelets per person, a set of business cards per person, and 2 bumper stickers per person. I'll arrange a place in the forum to share stories and photographs from these events, and I'm always willing to accept ideas and suggestions!

What you can expect:
I would like to be able to set up a chat room (possibly with passcode) for a weekly meet-up of fans to chat live and discuss Owen or just anything anyone wants to share or discuss. A time/day of week has yet to be decided, but this will likely be one of the earliest additions to the website and I'll post reminders here for anyone who wishes to join in.

What you can expect:
Contests will sometimes be held simply as a raffle in which I'll enter all Street Team members names into a hat to be pulled at random. As member count grows, so will the prize count: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on...
Items to be given away will vary (and will probably be items unavailable in the store) such as buttons/badges, or Street Team points to be used in the store.
Another kind of contest will most likely be of a recruitment nature. Pretty basic, whoever gets the most amount of active/legit new recruits to the Owenation team will win a prize. Probably something of a larger/more expensive nature than the raffle prize, such as a hoodie and mug combo.


This is all I can think of right now, but I'll keep you updated as I add to this list and accomplish the goals listed here. Please join + follow!